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The Hungarian national team reached the final of the world bandy championship

The Hungarian national team reached the final of the world bandy championship


The teams of Hungary and Slovakia met in the first semi-final of the men's group B ice hockey world championship in Irkutsk on March 5.

The competitors know each other's capabilities very well , especially since Slovaks are frequent guests of the ice arena in Budapest. At first, the athletes were very cautious. And the first moments were created only by the 15th minute. At first, Slovaks could distinguish themselves. They organized an original corner play, but the ball hit the crossbar. A minute later, a rapid attack was carried out by the Hungarians , but the opponents ' goalkeeper Richard Chaladi was on top.

Then the Slovaks recorded another standard when the Hungarian goalkeeper pulled the ball out of the top corner of the goal in a football save . The Hungarian national team responded to this with a quick attack, only three attacking teams were in the opponents ' goal instead of the ball.

It seemed a long time to wait for goals . But as soon as the Hungarians increased their speed, their opponents immediately began to have problems. Within five minutes, the Slovaks had three goals in the goal. The goal was made by Dennis Patchey, who demonstrated excellent individual skill and delivered the game's projectile into the goal. And soon the Hungarians scored two more times after lingering standards and led with the score 3:0, made an excellent bid to win.

The second half was played with a noticeable territorial and game advantage of the Hungarian national team. She was confident. At the same time, the opponents could not keep up with their opponents and were forced to break the rules. Therefore, the Slovaks played a lot in the numerical minority.

In defense, the team from Slovakia was very organized and selfless. And when the defense failed, the team 's goaltender, Richard Baladi, was on top.

In the middle of the second half, the Hungarian team got the right to a corner. Even Lubeck's precise shot, which literally pierced the wall of the defenders , almost solved all the problems of the Hungarian team in this match.

The Slovak national team found the strength to add and after the 70th minute had a great game period, creating three good chances to score. But every time the ball got in the way of the Hungarian goalkeeper Filip Berglund. This game clearly could not suit the Hungarian national team. The team's coaching staff had to take a time-out to bring the players to their senses.

The last 15 minutes of the match were the most interesting in the match. The teams operated on opposite courses, without looking at their own goals. In such a game, luck smiled on the Hungarians. They made a one – on – one exit through the efforts of Linus Shelly na, the best sniper of the championship.

And the Slovak national team did not use the moment. In the 82nd minute, the team earned a 12-yard field goal . Peter Benes made a good shot from the "point", but even better played Philipp Berglen, who managed to reflect the ball with the shield.

The team of Hungary won with a score 5:0. In the final, this team will play the winner of the Mongolia - Ukraine match .

Christian Maroshi, head coach of the Hungarian national team:

– We knew that it would be a very difficult match, especially in physical terms. The Slovak national team was a strong opponent, very organized in defense. But we tried to play attacking hockey, and we are very happy with today's match.

Konstantin Pryakhin, head coach of the Slovak national team:

– I want to congratulate the Hungarian team on a well- deserved victory. I think that this is one of the strongest, perhaps the strongest team of the tournament, which shows a game close to Russian hockey. The main problem of our team is that we did not have enough strength. But all the players played well.

Photo by Tatyana Glyuk

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