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The second finalist of the world Cup in bandy was the national team of Ukraine

The second finalist of the world Cup in bandy was the national team of Ukraine


In the second semi-final match of the world bandy championship among the teams of group B, which takes place in Irkutsk, on March 5, the national teams of Mongolia and Ukraine met.

Photo By Anna Pyanova

The game from the very beginning went on opposite courses, attacks alternately rolled on one, then on the second gate. The Mongolian team looked more active in the first minutes. She successfully played standards, but did not set any unsolvable tasks for the opponent's defense.

The Mongols had a small advantage in the game, but their opponents did not sit back in defense, responding with sharp counterattacks. For example, in the 15th minute, the Mongolian defense missed Roman Alexandrov, who broke well into the penalty area. The striker did not manage to deliver the final blow, having driven into a cluster of defenders.

The national team of Ukraine in the first half attacked rarely, but accurately, and most importantly-more effectively than the opponents. In the 28th minute, the rapid attack of the Ukrainians cut the defense of the Mongolian team, Mikhail Alexandrov beautifully implemented a one-on-one exit.

Starting from the center of the field, the Mongols made a decisive attack and earned a 12-yard pass. Gunbold Tamir drove up to the "point", he was preparing for a long time for a blow, but he shot right into the hands of the opponent's goalkeeper.

After the Ukrainian national team opened an account, the game acquired the expected direction for such situations. The Mongols had a territorial advantage, attacked a lot, and their opponents responded with quick counterattacks.

With the start of the second half, the Mongolian team began to attack with renewed energy, but the opponents managed to get back in time and build powerful defensive barriers. As a result, the Mongolian attacks got bogged down in the intense defense of the Ukrainian national team, and the attackers were forced to get off on an individual game.

However, in the 52nd minute, the activity of the Mongolian team led to another penalty. But after thinking about it, the referees canceled the 12-meter shot. But a minute later, a penalty was awarded to the goal of the national team of Mongolia, and the judges were one hundred percent sure of this decision. However, to double the score of the Ukrainian team failed after hitting Andrew Moskovichenko brilliantly played goalkeeper rivals Munhbold Bayarsaihan.

Inspired by the game of their goalkeeper, the Mongols made several decisive attacks, but the ovation was already broken by Andrey Tsyplakov. And now the national team of Mongolia had to take risks: the situation required going forward with great forces. But in the middle of the second half, due to deletions, the Mongols had to play with three less players in the squad. The risk was not justified. In the 63rd minute, the Ukrainian national team conducted a quick counterattack, during which the ball was rolled to Mikhail Skalitsky's free space. No one stopped him from passing the ball into the goal.

In the 79th minute, the Mongolian team managed to get back into the game. The team took to the ice after a timeout and immediately scored. After the attack, the right flank was followed by a cross to the center, and Ganbold Tamir sent the ball into the goal in touch. Here only fans of the national team of Mongolia rejoiced for a short time. Two minutes later, the Ukrainians conducted another counterattack: Mikhail Skalitsky great broke away from the defenders and received a pass at the far post, without any interference, sent the ball into the goal.

This goal clearly knocked the Mongols out of the game rut. The team's game went bad. In addition, the Mongolian national team received a red card out of the blue. Nevertheless, this team found the strength for the last assault, but it did not change anything.

The Ukrainian national team won 3: 1 and reached the final of the world Cup. Her opponent is the Hungarian national team.

Jargal Banzragch, head coach of the Mongolian national team:

– The game was equal, we created a lot of chances, which, unfortunately, we did not implement. In the second half, fatigue was imposed on the players ' actions, and they failed to win. I would like to congratulate the Ukrainian team on their well-deserved victory and wish them good luck in the final match.

Magnus ALM, head coach of the Ukrainian national team:

– Probably, ball hockey, which we demonstrated in the semi-final, can hardly be called beautiful. The most important thing is to win. The opponents played better than we expected from them, but we had enough movement for the whole match.

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