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1 - 6 March 2020, the group "B"
March 29 - April 5, 2020, group "A"

Matches for 5th and 8th places were held at the world Cup in Irkutsk

Matches for 5th and 8th places were held at the world Cup in Irkutsk


On March 5, in Irkutsk, the Record stadium hosted matches for the 5th-8th places of the world bandy championship among group b teams..

Photo By Anna Pyanova

The teams of Japan and the Netherlands were the first to take to the ice. In the 7th minute, Sverre Tveitan put the orange ahead. In the 12th minute, Masaki Miyakawa restored the balance, but in the next attack, the Netherlands scored again, and William Bareld scored - 1: 2.

Shortly after the break, Gen Istoki's goal allowed the Japanese to equalize again - 2: 2. There were no more accurate strikes in the main time. And two additional halves of ten minutes (before the "Golden" goal) did not reveal the winner. It came to the post-match series of 12-meter strikes, in which the Netherlands team was without misses, - 1: 3.

Thomas Engstrom, head coach of the Netherlands national team:

– Today it was difficult to show good hockey. There was a tough fight on the field, both teams were sometimes aggressive. Both we and the Japanese had many opportunities to score, but only scored twice. I am happy that this time we confidently made a series of 12-meter strikes.

Oleg Ziganshin, head coach of the Japanese national team:

– It was a tense match, which also took place in severe weather conditions. We were not lucky in completing the attacks , otherwise we might not have made it to the post- match series. And there affected the better skills of the Netherlands in the execution of strikes from the "point".

Stephen Ginn, the player of national team of the Netherlands:

– Our quality of play could have been better. We won because we were a United team. We had to spend a lot of time in the minority, but still survived.

Later, the Czech and Latvian national teams clarified their relations. In the 9th minute, the Czechs scored Jiri Doskochil, and three minutes later the Latvians scored Daniils Rasimenoks-1: 1. In the second half, the Baltic team noticeably added to the game plan, which brought the result: in the 47th minute, The romance of GLAZKOVS was accurate-1: 2. The coaching staff of the Czech national team immediately took a time-out, but already on the 49th Axels Zeile increased the margin of the Latvian hockey players-1: 3. The Czechs ' attempts to recoup themselves did not lead to anything.

Pēteris of OSTOSOVS , coach of Latvia:

- It's good that we won today. In the first half, our players did not act in the best way. I had to talk hard with them during the break, I managed to find the right words. In the second half, we changed the game qualitatively, which brought results.

Michael Brett, head coach of the Czech national team: - Immediately after the match , we spent a few minutes in the locker room behind closed doors, discussed the results. We will prepare for tomorrow 's meeting for the 7th place. And today's game is not interesting, but it was quite intense. Apparently, the opponents have more energy left by the end of the tournament.

Axel Zell, Latvian national team player:

– The beginning of the match was very difficult for us. The words of the coach in the locker room had an effect, they touched the whole team in a good way. After the break, we rolled out, found our game.

Ondřej Calcu, the Czech national team player:

– For many games already accumulated fatigue, some of the guys dropped out due to injuries. Today, the Latvians deserved to win more.

Tomorrow, March 6, the Netherlands and Latvia will play in a match for the 5th place, and Japan and the Czech Republic will compete for the 7th place in the final table of ranks of the world Cup among the teams of group B.

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