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1 - 6 March 2020, the group "B"
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The Slovak national team became the bronze medalist of the world championship

The Slovak national team became the bronze medalist of the world championship


The national teams of Slovakia and Mongolia met in the match for the third place of the world bandy championship among the teams of group B in Irkutsk on March 6. The more experienced Mongols were considered the favorite in this confrontation. But the motivation of the opponents was probably higher, because the Slovak team has never reached the world Cup medals.

The teams started very actively, immediately turning on high speeds. However, the main game actions took place in the center. The Mongol attacks potentially looked more dangerous, but the Slovaks were much more acute. So, by the 15th minute, the Slovak national team forced the opponent 's goalkeeper to demonstrate his skills twice.

After a quick debut, the game calmed down, the pace dropped significantly, but after resting for a few minutes, the teams gave out another shock segment. In such a game, goal-scoring luck accompanied the Slovaks. Michal Knop made a smart pass on the move to Martin Grell, who managed to cope with the pressing defenders and their goalkeeper - 1:0. Three minutes later, the Slovak national team almost increased the score. The team earned a free kick, and despite the respectable distance to the goal of more than 30 meters, the striker struck a direct blow. The goalie of the opponents reacted late, but the game projectile was reflected by the bar.

After that, the initiative was finally passed to the Slovaks, they completely controlled the end of the half. That's just to back it up with a goal scored failed. Although there were moments, for example, a penalty and a one-on-one exit. And this left a good scope for intrigue in the second half of the meeting.

During the break, the coaching staff of the Mongolian national team managed to shake their players, and after the break, a completely different team came out on the ice-fast, gambling, and determined to win. And the initial onslaught of the Mongols at the beginning of the second half brought success. However, the goal was not taken without a share of luck. The attack seemed to choke, the goalie of the opponents took the ball, but somehow the game projectile eluded the defenders and crossed the goal line.

Inspired by the success of the national team of Mongolia rushed forward, but almost immediately missed a sharp counterattack. And it is good for the team that the opponents did not implement a one-on-one exit. But the Mongols themselves, who caught the courage, were able to come forward. After the attack, the right flank scored Ganbold Tamir, who managed to use the error of the opponent's goalkeeper.

By the middle of the second half, the teams seemed to have forgotten about the defense. The opponents sent large forces into the attack, and dangerous moments were not long in coming. However, the teams did not manage to score from the game, but corners came to the aid of the hockey players. Twice within five minutes, Peter Benes completed the feed from the corner flag with precise strikes.

The last minutes of the meeting were spent in continuous attacks by the Mongolian team. It literally flew forward, and we could only guess what prevented the team from playing the whole match like this? That's only time left is less and less, the ball in the goal just wouldn't go. Moreover, the Slovaks were still very sharp and with a little more luck they could have saved themselves from a nervous ending.

The national team of Slovakia survived, deservedly won (3: 2). This team became the bronze medalist of the world championship.

The bronze medals of the Slovak team were awarded immediately after the match by the Minister of sports of the Irkutsk region Ilya Reznik and the head of the Directorate for the preparation and holding of the world Cup Vladimir matienko.

Vladimir Matienko, head of the Directorate for the preparation and holding of the world Cup:

– We are very happy that the Irkutsk ice was happy for the Slovak team. Today was a tense struggle, and the Slovaks were able to win a well-deserved victory in this meeting. We congratulate the team on the bronze medal and wish them victories at the next world championship.

Konstantin Pryakhin, head coach of the Slovak national team:

– I want to thank the organizers of the world Cup for its excellent preparation. Probably, this also influenced our successful performance. As for the game, we had serious personnel problems. The goalkeeper played as a field player, and we only had one person on the substitute. But a great desire and the highest dedication allowed us to beat such a strong opponent as the national team of Mongolia.

Peter Benes, captain of the Slovak national team:

– We have a great team, and we were able to win today due to the team play. Saved corners for the final? Here we were helped by the game of "Baikal-Energiya" and "Vodnik", I saw how the Russian super League hockey players perform corners, and today I scored just like that.

Jargal Banzragch, head coach of the Mongolian national team:

– In sports, someone always wins and someone loses. Unfortunately, the team started to move only after conceding a goal. We tried to go forward until the last second, tried to score, but it didn't work. Our hockey players did everything they could, and I want to congratulate the Slovak team on a well-deserved victory.

Photo by Tatyana Glyuk

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