XL world championship
1 - 6 March 2020, the group "B"
March 29 - April 5, 2020, group "A"

The Japanese team finished 7th in the world bandy championship in group B

The Japanese team finished 7th in the world bandy championship in group B


On March 6, in Irkutsk at the Record stadium, the Japanese team defeated the Czech Republic 3:1 in the match for the 7th place in the world bandy championship among the teams of group B.

Hockey players from the land of the rising sun actively started the meeting , and in the 11th minute earned the right to a 12-meter free kick, which was implemented by Masaki Miyakawa. After that, the Czechs seized the initiative and began to play more often in attack. They could not score, but at least once the Japanese goalkeeper really saved his team.

And the first attack of the Europeans after the break was crowned with success : Miroslav Brokla accurately struck from an acute angle on the right flank-1:1. Both teams were activated , but for the time being everything was to no avail. However, later the Japanese managed to use one of their chances: in the 43rd minute , RYUO Simitsu put the Asian team ahead - 2:1.

The game continued on a collision course. The Czechs tried to restore the balance, but the Japanese did not allow them to do so . They scored themselves in the last minute of the second half: Sookie Fukaya set the final score - 3:1.

Michael Brett, head coach of the Czech national team:

- Congratulations to the Japanese team on the victory! We are , of course, upset by the defeat. In fact, our players played well at the beginning and at the end of the match, and in the middle the opponents dominated more. We were hoping to take a higher place at the end of the current world Cup , but that is what we have. I will add that this was my last match as head coach of the Czech national team, which I headed since 2016.

Oleg Ziganshin, head coach of the Japanese national team:

– Thank you to Irkutsk for the hospitality! Today was a battle match. I think we used our chances better than our opponents. As the tournament progressed, the quality of our team's play improved. Although, for example, completing attacks could be more productive. In General, we played at our level. The team is in the process of updating , several players made their debuts at the world Cup . But, maybe, under certain circumstances, they would have been higher than the seventh place.

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