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The fifth place in the world Cup in bandy was taken by the Netherlands national team

The fifth place in the world Cup in bandy was taken by the Netherlands national team


On March 6, in Irkutsk, at the Record stadium, the Netherlands team defeated Latvia in extra time with a score of 5:4 in the match for the 5th place in the world bandy championship among the teams of group B.

Hockey players from the Baltic States absolutely all their games of the world Cup-2020 were held at the "Record". And they started the comforting finale, we can say, in a masterly way. Roman Glazkov and Kaspars Krustins had already upset the orange twice by the 10th minute.

In the middle of the half, Ivan HENGST scored one goal after drawing a corner - 1:2. Gradually, the initiative was taken over by the Dutch hockey players, and in the 24th minute Stefan den Brok equalized. However, a couple of minutes later, Yevgeny Turevich again put the Latvians ahead - 2:3.

In the opening half of the second half, William Barelds restored the balance. Soon Latvia got the right to a 12-meter free kick: Roman Glazkov shot past the goal. However, in the 39th minute, Reinis Zarins again gave his team the leader's Jersey - 3:4. The Netherlands did not give up and once again caught up with their opponents when MEES van Wijchen scored in the 58th minute - 4:4.

Extra time, again with the participation of the orange, this time did not last long: in the 62nd minute, Remo Speyers scored a "Golden" goal-5:4.

Pēteris of OSTOSOVS, coach of Latvia:

- Congratulations to the Netherlands team on the victory! I will note the strong-willed nature of the opponents: they managed to win back three times during the match, and then scored a "Golden" goal. Our team's performance at the world Cup in Irkutsk was like a roller coaster. We started poorly, then stepped over ourselves in the match with the Japanese, and then went back up and down again. Yes, and the fact that our hockey players are from "puck", and this, anyway, is still a different sport.

Thomas Engstrom, head coach of the Netherlands national team:

– It was a hard game. Latvian hockey players did everything possible to make life difficult for us. They spent a lot of time in our half of the field. But we didn't give up, we were constantly trying to catch up with our rivals. Today we had a better organization of the game than in some previous matches. We were particularly successful in drawing corners.

We, too, like the Latvians, rode a roller coaster in Irkutsk. Only our team was initially a serious irritant for all rivals. Now we were not as strong as before – a lot of new players. For example, the goalkeeper Tomislav Hrelja, szybist, only three months before the world Cup began to train with the team. In General, the tournament in Irkutsk was useful for us. We are glad that we watched the match "Baikal-Energia" – "Vodnik"firsthand. Now you have a picture in front of your eyes – a guide to what you should strive for.

Kaspars Crostinis player of the national team of Latvia:

- Thank you to the opponents for a good game. It was hard, but interesting. Today, luck was on the side of the Dutch hockey team.

Tomislav Hrelja player of the national team of the Netherlands:

– In General, we performed slightly better than our opponents, although the Latvians periodically forced us to make mistakes. But still we survived, fought back and won. Although I personally, as a goalkeeper, would not mind if it again came to the post-match 12-meter series, but the coach will not agree with me about this (laughs.).

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