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1 - 6 March 2020, the group "B"
March 29 - April 5, 2020, group "A"


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The national teams of Latvia and Somalia met on March 2 in the morning match of the world bandy championship among the teams of group B at the Record stadium in Irkutsk. On the eve of both teams did not feel happy about the victories: the Balts lost in one meeting, the Africans-in two. But there was a circumstance that made them related: zeros in the "goals scored" column.
There is the second day of the World Hockey Championship among the men's teams of group B in Irkutsk. In the first match on March 2 at the stadium "Trud" met the teams of the Netherlands and Ukraine.
The first issue of the diary of the World Championship Planet of Russian Hockey was released on the website of the AIST television company. Journalist Alexei Shapenkov told how the start of the World Cup went, took comments from players, team coaches. Here you can see how the opening ceremonies took place at the stadiums in Irkutsk and Shelekhov.
You can buy an e-ticket only on the official website of the championship – www.baikal-bandy.ru from March 10, 2020. Be careful and don't let scammers fool you!
On the evening of March 2, the national teams of Ukraine and Switzerland met at the Record stadium in Irkutsk as part of the world bandy championship for group B teams.
The program of the world Cup among the teams of group B at the Record stadium on the morning of March 1 was opened in a face-to-face match between the teams of Latvia and Slovakia.
Interestingly, in the calendar of world Cup games, the match between the Czech Republic and Ukraine is still listed as the second number, although it started first: we think, without conspiracy and verbal communication with the second (!) Irkutsk was not enough...
The national teams of Japan and Somalia met on the first day of the world bandy championship in Irkutsk at the Trud stadium.
The XL world bandy championship for group B teams in Irkutsk started on March 1 with the Czech and Ukrainian national teams playing at the Zenit stadium. But the first goal of the world Cup was scored in the second match of the tournament at Trud stadium, where the Hungarian national team beat rivals from the Netherlands with a score of 3:2. Note that the match at Zenit started at 08.30, and at Trud – at 09.00.
Due to the tight schedule of matches of the world bandy championship in group B in Irkutsk and Shelekhov, the tournament organizers did not have the opportunity to gather all the participants together. Therefore, it was decided to hold a mini-opening ceremony at each of the championship stadiums. At Trud, a solemn event was held before the start of the Hungary-Switzerland match.
In the late afternoon of Sunday, March 1, the losers of the morning matches met on the ice of the Record stadium: the Netherlands lost to the Hungarians (2: 3), and the Czechs lost to the Ukrainians (0:2).
Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a greeting to participants and guests of the XL men's hockey world championship, which opened in Irkutsk on March 1. The telegram was published on the Kremlin's website.
Selihovkin openly supported the Somali team, chanted "Somalia!"and noisily welcomed every attempt by African hockey players to conduct an attack or at least just to strike a good blow.
Seven national teams arrived in Irkutsk the day before the start of the world bandy championship on February 29.
On the evening of February 28, the Japanese national bandy team arrived in Irkutsk. The team will take part in the world championship , it will play in group B.
The Hungarian national team, which is preparing for the upcoming world bandy championship among group B teams in Irkutsk, played with the women's team «Record».
On February 26, at 18:10, the Hungarian national bandy team flew from Moscow to Irkutsk. The team will take part in the world championship, which starts on March 1 in two cities of the region – Irkutsk and Shelekhov.
On February 20, a press conference was held at the Baikal ice Palace in Irkutsk, which was dedicated to the preparation and holding of the XL world bandy championship for men's teams. The tournament in group B starts next Sunday, March 1. The world's strongest teams (group A) will take to the Baikal ice on March 29.
On February 17, the head coach of the Russian men's national bandy team Pavel Frants visited the Baikal ice arena, which is being completed in Irkutsk. This is where the XL world Cup matches will take place in the spring, where our national team will have to defend the title of the strongest on the planet.
We publish the group B matches schedule, updated after the elimination of the Chinese team

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